Shelter launches ‘Let Us Rent’ petition.

The charity Shelter recently informed Bristol Poverty Action about their latest campaign to combat homelessness and bad housing. Even though 4 out of 10 renters get some housing benefit, many banks and building societies prevent their landlords from renting to them. That’s why Shelter is encouraging people to sign an online petition urging more lenders to lend to buy-to-let landlords who take benefits tenants. The text of their email is as follows…

Since the credit crunch, the number of working people who claim housing benefit has doubled. In other words: things are so bad with our housing market – and our economy – that even people with jobs can’t afford to keep their home.

Now consider this: many of the UK’s big banks and building societies prevent landlords from renting to people on housing benefit. More than ever, our country needs rented housing opened up to all.

Ask the big banks and building societies to let landlords rent homes to people on housing benefit: add your name to our petition now.

We’re very pleased that Nationwide and Lloyds recently became the only major buy-to-let lenders to explicitly remove restrictions on letting to people receiving housing benefit.

You can help force the others to follow suit.

Let’s make sure nobody is locked out of renting and landlords have the freedom to let to everyone. Sign our petition now:

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