Just out: our final report on the May 18th Hearing.

Bristol Poverty Action has just released its report on their May 18th Public Hearing to address Housing Benefit Poverty in the city.

This collection of facts and stories provides a sobering glimpse into the stark and often unpredictable realities facing people who will be affected by the housing benefit cuts.

The Bristol Poverty Action team has also released a press statement (which you can read here) to accompany the formal handing over of the Hearing Report to a group of local dignitaries.

For more information, here’s a useful collection of statistics in a handout provided by Matthew Kendall, Senior Policy Officer for the Bristol City Council Benefits Service: Housing Benefit Changes.

In addition, a recent survey by property portal Zoopla has found that the costs of private renting frequently exceed the ongoing costs of home ownership, and this is a national problem.  We have to question the wisdom of assuming that people on low incomes (including benefit claimants) will be able to find accommodation in the private rented sector, especially when there is no rent control and Housing Benefit is not willing to cover the cost. This issue needs to be addressed by the Government. For the survey itself, see why it’s generally more expensive to rent than to buy.

CATCH UP. For pictures and audio recordings of the May 2012 Public Hearing, visit this page.

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