Catch up with Crisis’ recent ‘Ending Homelessness’ conference

Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people, has shared presentations and videos from their London conference ‘Ending Homelessness: Beyond 2012

The day’s list of speakers and workshop details are listed in the full programme which can be downloaded here.

Slide presentations from the workshops themselves can be downloaded by clicking on the  text highlighted in red on this page.

You can also view a short film shown at the conference which, told through two personal stories, highlights how the economic downturn coupled with cuts to welfare and support services mean more and more people are losing their homes.

For more information, visit

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1 Response to Catch up with Crisis’ recent ‘Ending Homelessness’ conference

  1. I guess I’m just the very thin end of the wedge. A couple of years ago my landlady had some long overdue work carried out on my flat, paid for by insurance money she received as a consequence of damage caused to the property by work on the adjacent property. Shortly after, she told me she was raising the rent from £65 to £125 P/W, assuring me she would ignore the difference between what the council were willing to pay and what she was charging. Not long after, she told me bluntly that I would have to pay the difference (in other words, she lied). The council pay approx. £114 P/W, so I have to cough up an extra £6.50 a week, which has been coming out of my ESA. £6.50 a week may not sound a lot, but it all adds up, and I might have been able to pay for some courses to help me get back into work (that’s the whole point of ESA). But there’s nothing I can do. The law allows unscrupulous landlords to get away with these kinds of misdemeanours. I’d love to find somewhere else, but it’s a minefield out there (apart from the fact I have no money for a deposit).

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